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Tourism Industry & Hotel Kaze Darbar: After the Earthquake & Trade Blockade

2015 was a very bad year for Nepali tourism. The country saw a sharp decline in the number of tourists after the Great April 25th Earthquake. The situation was further compounded by the Indian blockade and protests in the Terai-region. About 50 percent tourists were estimated to have cancelled their trips to Nepal after the natural disaster and political conflict.

As a landlocked nation, Nepal imports all of its petroleum supply and other important stuff from India. Shortage of fuel, medicine, and other supplies crippled the normal lives of people. Inability to get gas supplies for cooking compelled people to starve for many days and forced many businesses to shutdown.

However, the situation has normalized now. Reconstruction of heritage sites has started, even at a very slow pace. Tourism activities are growing and we are receiving more reservations from local and foreign travel agencies, and individual tourists through online booking sites like expedia, agoda, and etc.

Special Rate For 2016

High Season Rate (Jan to May and Sep to Dec 2016)
Standard (BB Plan) Deluxe (BB Plan)
Single USD60 USD80
Twin USD80 USD100
Low Season Rate (Jun to Aug 2016)
Standard (BB Plan) Deluxe (BB Plan)
Single USD55 USD65
Twin USD65 USD75

The above rates are subject to 10% Service charge & 13% VAT.

Note: Please write us for special group/FIT rate.

Earthquake in Nepal

We were still reeling from the impact of last month’s devastating earthquake when another big temblor jolted the country three days ago. On 25th April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal at 11:56 am on a Saturday.The epicentre was Barpark VDC of Gorkha District, about 80 kms northwest of Kathmandu. Two weeks later another 7.3 magnitude earthquake with an epicentre near Mount Everest struck the nation, which has revived fresh fears among the Nepalis.

The two quakes have so far claimed over 8,500 lives and injured 15,000 more (as per today’s news). They have been called the deadliest earthquakes in the Nepal’s history since the Great Earthquake of 1934.

The earthquakes have flattened many historical monuments, government buildings, and residential houses in the valley and reportedly affected 30 out of 75 districts across the country.

Hundreds of people are staying in temporary shelters and open grounds. Government, private parties, civil citizens, individuals, and NGO/INGOs are working hard to reach out to the affected people.

Meanwhile in Kaze Darbar, we have put up some tents in the garden for hotel guests and neighbors. We’re fixing minor cracks in some rooms and planning for repair work soon. After such big tragedies, we feel fortunate that all our staff at Hotel Kaze Darbar and their family members are safe.
Though difficult, we’re trying our best to run our business. And this would not have been possible without the support of our staffs.


There are lots of interesting things surrounding Hotel Kaze Darbar. If you walk around in the morning time you can see numerous interesting things with Nepali life style and local shops.

Naxal Bhagawati Temple
This temple is located about 270m.northeast from the Hotel Kaze Darbar. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bhagawati or Durga and is visited by hundreds of devotees every morning. It is one of the famous pilgrimage sites and also one of the ancient temples in Nepal.

Nagapokhari or Serpent pond, a beautiful pond with great statue of King of Naga (Serpent god).
Nagapokhari is a very interesting place. Every morning people come to visit as morning walk and of course in purpose to worship a Naga as well. It is also a kind of dating spot for the young. It is situated north west from Hotel about 350m.

Narayan Chaur
Narayan Chaur is an open field located next to Naga Pokhari. Narayan Chaur is as park full of greenery, especially built for elderly people and children to stroll and hangout and play. It is situated about 550 m west side from hotel.

City Center (Mall)
Located centrally in the heart of Kathmandu in Kamalpokhari and City Center is a shopper’s delight Where you can have many services and facilities. For example more than 200 exclusive brand stores, Supermarket, food courts and 3D effect movie theaters and entertain.
It is situated about 300m and south side from hotel.

Bhatbhateni Supermarket:
Bhatbhateni Supermarket probably Number one Super Market in Kathmandu where you could get full range of 120,000 products from almost 1000 local and international suppliers, including a wide range of groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables; a broad range of leading international liquor, toiletries and cosmetics brands; and an extensive choice of kitchenware, clothing, sports, toys and electrical items. Premises include excellent value jewellery stores that offer a wide range of gold and silver ornaments in both traditional and modern styles. It is approximately 1500m and north east from hotel.

ATM Lounges
You can find the ATM lounges opposite to City Center and even in the City Center an ATM machine.
Beside this, there are many local shops, restaurants for local people and some small temples so that one can enjoy the local life style walking around Hotel Kaze Darbar.

Special Rate For 2015

High Season Rate (Jan to May and Sep to Dec 2015)
Standard (BB Plan) Deluxe (BB Plan)
Single USD65 USD75
Twin USD75 USD90
Low Season Rate (Jun to Aug 2015)
Standard (BB Plan) Deluxe (BB Plan)
Single USD55 USD65
Twin USD65 USD80

The above rates are subject to 10% service charge & 13% VAT.

Note: Please write us for special group/FIT rate.

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