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Guest Reviews~Testimonials by our guests~

Five Plus Star Hospitality
“Only once in a while one comes across a hotel like Kaze Darbar. They should write the book on Hotel Hospitality. My husband has been in a wheel chair due to a recent accident. The hotel purchased a wheel chair for us at my request (yes I donated it to them HAPPILY at the end of our trip), made two rooms wheel chair accessible (for us to pick one), put wheel chair ramps everywhere necessary. While waiting for one piece of small checked luggage at Kathmandu airport at 9 PM for more than 90 minutes, my husband fainted due to BP drop. The airport doctor suggested we go to the hotel immediately. The driver and bell boy took us to the hotel and then went back to the airport to retrieve my luggage at midnight. All these, with a genuine smile. They do not provide room service but that night they did for my husband: a hot bowl of soup. Next 5 days I did not have to worry about anything at all. Twenty four hours later my husband had developed diarrhea by eating rotten fish at Flavors Cafe in Boudha (do NOT eat there). Kaze Darbar took care of him in every possible way and we ate only at the hotel from that point on except once in Thamel. The breakfast menu sets are really good and good value if you have to pay for it. Whenever we sat outside in the garden in the Sun, Sheila or Vinod came from the kitchen with wonderful Lemon Grass tea for us. I wanted a massage in my room, they arranged it. I needed a real car to go places to assess children’s oral health (for which we were in Kathmandu), they took care of it. One can change money at the front desk at a very good rate. I can elaborate more but one can get the idea. It is extremely difficult to run a real hotel in a country with no infrastructure at all. Electricity is available for a few hours a day but their solar power generator keeps the place running with good wifi (can not use Skype but for e-mail, etc. it is fine). The house is a real Heritage House, beautifully maintained and well located far away from all the madness and dust of the city. Sitting in their garden takes you to a different era where you can relax in an old fashioned comfort. There is no TV in the room and unless you keep all the windows open (with no screen), it can feel dark. We hope to go back to Nepal in October and yes with no questions we WILL STAY here again and will recommend to everyone we know of to stay here as well. They also have a free shuttle to and from Thamel. The front desk Managers like Sanu, Kusam, Vijaya all seem to be a part of our extended family and we miss them already.”- Purobi/San Francisco

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