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Earthquake in Nepal

We were still reeling from the impact of last month’s devastating earthquake when another big temblor jolted the country three days ago. On 25th April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal at 11:56 am on a Saturday.The epicentre was Barpark VDC of Gorkha District, about 80 kms northwest of Kathmandu. Two weeks later another 7.3 magnitude earthquake with an epicentre near Mount Everest struck the nation, which has revived fresh fears among the Nepalis.

The two quakes have so far claimed over 8,500 lives and injured 15,000 more (as per today’s news). They have been called the deadliest earthquakes in the Nepal’s history since the Great Earthquake of 1934.

The earthquakes have flattened many historical monuments, government buildings, and residential houses in the valley and reportedly affected 30 out of 75 districts across the country.

Hundreds of people are staying in temporary shelters and open grounds. Government, private parties, civil citizens, individuals, and NGO/INGOs are working hard to reach out to the affected people.

Meanwhile in Kaze Darbar, we have put up some tents in the garden for hotel guests and neighbors. We’re fixing minor cracks in some rooms and planning for repair work soon. After such big tragedies, we feel fortunate that all our staff at Hotel Kaze Darbar and their family members are safe.
Though difficult, we’re trying our best to run our business. And this would not have been possible without the support of our staffs.

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